Small Team, Small Budget, Immense Security Requirements

In case you missed our outstanding Best Practices for Securing Your Campus event with top thought leaders, click on the image to link to the recording and a PDF of the presentation deck. You already know that K-20 campus cyberattacks are on the rise. Learn the best way to build a safer and more secure campus environment in this informative webinar.

Essential Elements To Achieving Secure Access Secure Edge (SASE)

SASE is a forward-thinking framework in which networking and security functions converge into a single integrated solution that works at the cloud edge to deliver protection and performance in one simplified approach. Hear details on investing in a long-term security strategy.

Securing Your Internet of Things (IoT) Program: Three Real-World Examples

Your evolving IoT landscape requires a solid security framework. Learn from technology leaders about real-world examples of Smart communities, utilities, and buildings focused on strategy, technical insights, and best practices. Hear details on how to improve security in an IoT ecosystem.

5 Security Building Blocks with SOAR Architect & Author Joey Muniz

5 Security Building Blocks with SOAR Architect & Author Joey Muniz

Joey Muniz details ways to incorporate automation, develop a layered defense, and multi-platform environment best practices for SOAR. Mike Rogers explains the University of the District of Columbia cybersecurity approach. Jonathan Topping shares how to optimize cybersecurity building blocks.