Professional Services

Project-based professional services and operational assistance to augment your existing staff and/or vendor support services.

Our professional services are designed to enhance and expand upon standard warranty and technical service contracts provided by the manufacturers Networking For Future (NFF) supports. Professional services provide clients with advanced technical services, through either remotely or on-site dispatched engineers, for network and IT systems support and projects. Primarily focused on project-based needs, professional services can also be utilized for operational assistance to augment the expertise of existing staff and/or vendor support services. NFF professional services can include technology readiness assessments, high-level design development, low-level design development, security risk and vulnerability evaluations and support, technical infrastructure deployments, periodic IT system performance and health checks, and network and system optimization services.

Companies are always on the hunt for ways to decrease overhead, improve information technology (IT) business solutions quality, enhance their security posture, and bolster time to completion for complex projects.  IT leaders are charged with improving operational and security performance and enhancing the end-user experience.  To accomplish their goals, IT leaders want a vendor that provides supplemental IT engineering solutions that help save IT operations resources and accelerate IT business solutions delivery.

NetActive Portfolio

Managed by the NFF Professional Services team, the NetActive Portfolio focuses on delivering supplemental IT subject matter experts (SMEs) to clients with strategic, technical, security, and operational assistance requirements.  NetActive personnel augment the expertise of the existing client staff and provide hardware, software, and security support services.

NetActive Portfolio technical expertise includes:

  • IT architecture, design, and engineering
  • Network infrastructure implementation and system modernization
  • PMP certified project management
  • Performance management and optimization services
  • Security risk and vulnerability evaluation and support
  • Training, knowledge transfer, and advisory services
  • Periodic IT audit and health checks
  • Maintenance management to enhance product warranty and technical services contracts

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NetActive Portfolio Overview

Co-Managed Support

Co-Managed Support augments the expertise of your IT staff and delivers ongoing premium support services in conjunction with your IT staff.  Co‑Managed Support offers:

  • Collaborative system architecture, engineering, and strategic planning
  • IT engineering expertise with institutional knowledge of your staff, infrastructure, and systems
  • Security risk and vulnerability evaluation and support
  • Agility when IT resource needs rapidly change or evolve
  • Comprehensive reach back technical support from the NFF engineering bench
  • Proactive real-time trouble identification and issue resolution from certified engineers
  • Continuous network and system performance analytics that provides actionable insight
  • Bi-annual technical reviews to align IT resource utilization with network and systems capacity
  • Network hardware and software mapping, governance, and compliance risk assessment


Project provides clients with advanced technical services, through remote or on-site engineers, for network and IT systems support and projects.  Project offers:

  • Certified IT expertise for your project
  • Increased efficiency for your employees while they focus on their primary responsibilities
  • Operational health checks and audits
  • Security risk and vulnerability evaluation and support
  • Network infrastructure and system inventory

“I think their NetActive program is special.  Our network engineers are so busy that we needed to turn to Networking For Future for a knowledgeable engineer.”

Barry Arnold
Director of Network and Data Center Operations
Georgetown University

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