Staff Augmentation

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With your ever-evolving business environment, the demand for highly skilled information technology (IT) experts is constantly changing. Developing or hiring in-house personnel to engineer and implement complex projects requiring specific IT skills can be a costly and risky venture, which is why staff augmentation firms like Networking For Future (NFF) are perfect to fulfill these technical resource gaps.

When you need staff augmentation services, it is important to determine what you are trying to accomplish, when are you trying to complete the project, and what are the most important delivery results.

Staff augmentation permits you to quickly extend your in-house team with engineering talent to respond to the changing needs of your organization.

Staff Augmentation

NFF Staff Augmentation Solutions

NFF is a pioneer in delivering flexible workforce staffing solutions.  These options provide the technical resources required to deploy, manage, and maintain complex IT business programs:

  • Full-time staff augmentation
  • Part-time staff augmentation
  • Supplemental technical services

Staff Augmentation (Full-Time and Part-Time)

NFF staff augmentation services are focused on providing and retaining the highest caliber professionals that will best fit our clients’ budget, cultural environment, and technical requirements. To achieve this goal we:

  • Have regular and frequent communications with the client and onsite consultant to ensure performance requirements are being met
  • Provide funding for our consultant’s training to ensure they maintain our client’s industry and regulatory certifications
  • Support coaching, mentoring, and ongoing feedback culture with our consultants
  • Identify employee’s unique talent and actively plan their careers and development through individual career planning and development activities

The Staff Augmentation division applies a proven approach to enhance candidate search results and ensure staff performance.  Our team of IT professionals, engineers, and subject matter experts (SMEs) use a four-step interview process to select the best talent for our clients.

  1. Behavioral evaluation interview
  2. Technical evaluation interview
  3. Client match interview
  4. Talent selection panel review

Supplemental Technical Services

Co-managed by the NFF Professional Services team, Technical Staffing-as-a-Service (TSaaS) and NetActive Project are supplemental technical services solutions focused on delivering IT SMEs to clients with strategic, technical, and operational requirements.  NFF in-house personnel augment the expertise of the existing customer staff and vendor support services. TSaaS and NetActive Project are designed for clients who need technical skills for projects on a scheduled or on‑demand basis.

Technical Staffing-as-a-Service

With a customized TSaaS solution, you have the flexibility to choose a co-managed IT expert from the NFF professional services team to work alongside your staff or select a client-managed full/part-time consultant.

TSaaS can help by filling in an organization’s IT technical skills gaps.  TSaaS offers flexible IT staffing options that fulfill your multidisciplinary technical skill requirements in a more reliable time frame to improve your talent acquisition and organizational performance.

All TSaaS solutions include consultant reach back for technical guidance from the NFF professional services team, if required.

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Technical Staffing-as-a-Service

NetActive Project

NetActive Project provides clients with advanced technical services, through remote or on-site engineers, for network and IT systems support and projects. NetActive Project offers:

  • Certified IT expertise for your project
  • Increased efficiency for your employees while they focus on their primary responsibilities
  • Operational health checks and audits
  • Network infrastructure and system inventory

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NetActive Portfolio Overview

NFF is a staffing partner you can trust to take the time to understand your business and deliver your desired results, whether you need a single specialist or to outsource an entire project.

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