Network Infrastructure

A well-designed network infrastructure delivers mission-critical applications and business services anywhere, anytime.

An organization’s agility and productivity depend on a robust, secure, and reliable network infrastructure.  An optimized network infrastructure improves your customer’s and employee’s experience, reduces security threats, and enables your organization to maintain its highest level of performance.

Current network architectures are not simple.  They are often a mix of on-premises and cloud environments, with multiple vendor’s hardware and software.  The result is that companies can end up with five separate tools that all monitor and manage one large hybrid enterprise network.

Today’s network infrastructure is being significantly changed by emerging networking technologies like software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV).  SDN and NFV are used to accelerate the transition from on-premises enterprise networks and data centers to cloud or hybrid cloud computing networks.

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For evolving user requirements, a modern network infrastructure:

  • Increases an organization’s productivity, performance, and security
  • Improves product capabilities
  • Supports remote users
  • Enhances the security of a broad spectrum of enterprise services

Networking For Future (NFF) Solutions

Organizations can benefit from an in-depth, continuous evaluation of their enterprise network architecture and performance of their network infrastructure to ensure it can meet their current and future requirements.  To keep your network safe and operating at peak performance, you need the right technical expertise with multi-vendor product experience.

Network design and architecture have been an NFF core competency from the beginning; designing and deploying networks for State and Federal government agencies, enterprise companies, service providers, K-12 schools, and higher education institutions.

NFF offers a full complement of solutions related to modern enterprise network design. Examples of the NFF Professional Services team’s solutions include:

  • Network Assessments
    • Document physical elements of the network
    • Identify logical implementation of network subnets — physical and virtual
  • Design and Architecture
    • Analyze how existing and future networks support an organization’s operations
    • Design efficient and secure networks
    • Provide recommendations for improvements and efficiencies
    • Deliver configurations of the major services and devices
    • Suggest and incorporate new security technology and tools
  • Implementation and Support
    • Integrate new systems’ architectures into existing network infrastructure
    • Ensuring that all the enterprise network systems are operating optimally
    • Incorporate new networking technologies or upgrade existing technologies to improve services and capabilities
  • Managed Network Services
    • Active management of the enterprise network
    • Troubleshoot network and system issues and breakdowns
    • Conduct regular maintenance of technology updates and security patches
    • Recommend network improvements and efficiencies

NetActive Project

Project provides clients with advanced technical services, through remote or on-site engineers, for network and IT systems support and projects.  Project offers:

  • Certified IT expertise for your project
  • Increased efficiency for your employees while they focus on their primary responsibilities
  • Operational health checks and audits
  • Network infrastructure and system inventory

NetActive Co-Managed Support

Co-Managed Support augments the expertise of your IT staff and delivers ongoing premium support services in conjunction with your IT staff. Co‑Managed Support offers:

  • Collaborative system architecture, engineering, and strategic planning
  • IT engineering expertise with institutional knowledge of your staff, infrastructure, and systems
  • Agility when IT resource needs rapidly change or evolve
  • Comprehensive reach back technical support from the NFF engineering bench
  • Proactive real-time trouble identification and issue resolution from certified engineers
  • Continuous network and system performance analytics that provides actionable insight
  • Bi-annual technical reviews to align IT resource utilization with network and systems capacity
  • Network hardware and software mapping, governance, and compliance risk assessments

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Network Infrastructure Overview

NetActive Portfolio Overview

Managed Services Overview

NetActive Co-Managed Support Overview

With the right tools and solutions, and NFF as your trusted IT partner, your network will always be the high-performance and secure foundation you need for your future growth.

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