Cyber Security

Enterprises need a simpler, scalable, threat-centric approach that provides visibility and control of threats before, during, and after they occur.

You need the capability for employees to work from anywhere using various devices. You want people to securely authenticate and be identified from the devices they’re using.

Every device that employees use to connect to enterprise networks represents a potential risk that cyber criminals can exploit to steal your organization’s data. The number and variety of end-users is growing, so the task of continuously securing them becomes increasingly more challenging. As your security perimeter expands, organizations realize the necessity of developing and implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that integrates their network security and endpoint security efforts.

Zero Trust is the coordinated use of multiple security countermeasures to better protect the integrity of the network and its users, data, and assets from cybercriminals. A Zero Trust strategy is capable of defending you against a diverse and sophisticated threat landscape.

Endpoint Security

Choosing the wrong cyber security solutions can leave your users vulnerable to threats and impede, or undo, the significant work that has gone into securing network. Your Zero Trust strategy should secure all endpoints continuously, as well as bring additional capabilities to your organization and improve your network security posture.

Looking To Solve:

  • Zero Trust Strategy Development
  • Cybersecurity Threats
  • Ransomware Mitigation
  • DDOS Attack Threats
  • Network Security Management
  • Endpoint Protection and Encryption
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Protection

NFF Approach to Cyber Security Transformation

Building a high-performing security solution requires a new approach to looking at network infrastructure and operations. As a performance-focused integrator, NFF provides expertise, consulting, and solution design to transform security with a Zero Trust strategy. We’ll deliver a solid cyber security roadmap and a clear path forward, from strategy and consulting to implementation and managed services that provides you with greater agility, reliability, performance, and lower IT costs.

With a proven methodology, expert certified IT professionals, and managed services, we help you select, procure, implement, manage, and support the cyber solutions best suited to your workload and business requirements.

Key elements of our methodology and capabilities include determining business requirements and their impact on the IT architecture framework and how to translate your organization’s Zero Trust strategy into future IT requirements. The NFF approach can be summarized as follows:

Initial Assessment

NFF begins with understanding your business objectives and vision, ascertaining your risk and technology profile, and developing a gap analysis from your current cyber security resources and utilization states.

NFF integrates business, risks, technology, and network infrastructure strategic planning capabilities. Our delivery framework is based around a unique ability to create relevant elements that enable an integrated, predictable, and right-sized Zero Trust strategy over time.

Transitioning from a traditional cyber security framework to a Zero Trust architecture requires careful management from application owners, infrastructure engineers, and information security specialists to be successful.

NFF involves you and your team in determining risk tolerances derived from each stakeholder. We assist you in removing the constraints of your existing network infrastructure and help you rationalize your future security needs versus IT needs and service objectives. This sets the stage for the manner in which IT teams and cyber security solutions are properly planned, built, and managed for the long term.

Future Model

The main objective of this stage is to develop the future cyber security demand model in terms of security data analytics, trusted identity services, content filtering, and security threat defenses. From this, the future topology and the required resiliency for each cybersecurity solution under consideration can be established.

NFF has in-depth expertise in future Zero Trust strategic planning. Cyber security attributes include the understanding and development of reliability and availability requirements for IT architecture, infrastructure, and applications. It is very important to understand how both the technology and security infrastructures interact within the areas of risk tolerances, availability, and reliability requirements to properly develop the right-sized future models.

Based on our expertise and past experience, we can rationalize and predict the impact from risks, make technology recommendations for cyber security sourcing options, and assist in determining how the IT infrastructure and security environments are chosen, sized, and managed over time. The proposed security solutions will enable high levels of predictability, agility, and manageability.

Proposed Transformation Roadmap

Understanding the model implications and possible consolidation and/or optimization savings over time are core components to enhancing your current and future capabilities. NFF will develop a proposed transformation roadmap with reviews of sourcing options, operating models, and migration strategies. The proposed roadmap contains cost modeling and ROI analysis for your future cyber security framework.

Professional Services

Cyber security transformation, consolidation, and Zero Trust migration projects often stretch a client‘s IT operations team. The proposed transformation roadmap will provide insight to the future architecture and engineering services requirements for fulfilling the Zero Trust strategy and to meet your business objectives. NFF has been providing network and security services for over 25 years.


Our customized cyber security roadmap helps ensure the optimum security posture for your organization. A strong security posture minimizes risk, which means you have the necessary processes in place to protect your applications, your assets, and your business from vulnerabilities and threats.


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Cyber Security Overview


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