Collaboration & Mobility

Interactive tools for multiple parties to maximize the exchange and use of data through robust, pervasive human communications and application access.

Companies face constant change and disruption, triggered by rapidly evolving markets and technologies. Only agile businesses can remain competitive in this environment, by making the right decisions at the right time. The key to maximizing the agility, and ultimately the productivity, is through an infrastructure of robust, pervasive human communications and application access for mobile workers.

Networking For Future (NFF) will support your organization in deploying the tools necessary to increase productivity and collaboration in order to stay agile in today’s complex business environment.  Teams that have interactive and collaborative tools have the freedom from email to focus on innovation and productivity.

  • Remote Network Access (VPN): Allow mobile users to connect to your network remotely by providing a fully encrypted and secure connection over the Internet.
  • Virtual Desktop Images (VDI): By virtualizing desktop services, IT Organizations can reduce support costs and increase security by employing one virtual image used by many employees. NFF can help you determine what role a Virtual Desktop platform will play in your mobile access strategy and how to deploy it securely.
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM): With the number mobile devices being used by employees and affiliates to access corporate systems and data, deploying a management solution is imperative to successfully support your organization’s mobile devices while ensuring your sensitive information remains secure.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP): IP-based telephony systems are now the industry standard.  Provide more calling features, integrate with other systems and reduce your telephony operating costs by using VoIP.
  • Video Conferencing: Allow for teams and individuals to meet face to face without any travel.
  • Smart Meeting Places: Collaborate with team members located anywhere with online meetings where it is easy to share documents, work on presentations and keep track of attendees.
  • Instant Message and Presence (IM): Instant messaging enhances and enables communication channels by allowing for a quick and easy dialogue with both internal and external teams. Enabled with presence information and integrated with instant access to more immersive interactive means like voice, video, and WebEx, corporate messaging becomes the central mechanism for facilitating a collaborative environment.

Allowing more mobile and pervasive access to your corporate systems will increase productivity but also requires equal attention towards preserving control over your data and safeguarding access to it. NFF solutions focus on enabling mobility while ensuring data security and control. NFF is certified as an Authorized Technology Provider for the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) technology which acts as a foundation in this endeavor.

  • Network Access Control (NAC): Allow for easy provisioning of devices while identifying users and devices in a centralized policy management environment. Get the information you need to detect and mitigate security threats across wired, wireless and VPN access.
  • TrustSec: Consistently enforce policy anywhere in the network. Cisco TrustSec is embedded technology in Cisco switches, routers, and wireless and security devices.
  • Guest Lifecycle: Provide your guests with an integrated self-service support for hotspots with time limits, account expirations, SMS verification and additional security controls so that you can track access across your network.

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