Real-world solutions and access to experts about applying for and using government funding to efficiently and securely deploy Smart City, broadband fiber, and wireless technologies to enable advanced public services and Internet access.

  • Webinar Introductions/NFF Overview
  • Keynote Address: West Virginia’s Landmark Billion-Dollar Broadband Strategy: 2:32
  • Navigating the Government Funding Terrain for Broadband Projects: 28:59
  • Rural Broadband – Bridging the Digital Divide: 44:38
  • Connected Government – Case Studies: 1:02:08
    • Smart Transportation
    • Securing Critical Infrastructures
  • Innovative Technologies To Accelerate The Journey: 1:32:20
    • TRAXyL FiberTRAX “Paints” Optical Fiber Directly Onto Paved Surfaces
    • Cisco Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul (formerly Fluidmesh)
    • Signify Broadband Luminaires, IoT Smart Poles, and Interact

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Funding For Innovative Solutions To Bridge The Digital Divide And Improve Public Services Presentation