The Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC) has launched the Virginia Smart Community Testbed (Testbed) in Stafford County, the first Smart Community testbed deploying innovative infrastructure to support an IoT platform fully integrated with 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and other new and emerging technology solutions. The Testbed validates solutions that help bridge the digital divide, foster economic growth, conserve energy, save taxpayer dollars, accelerate public broadband Internet access, and modernize government services.

Stafford County and VIPC opened the Testbed in May 2021 as a public-private partnership involving multiple industry partners focused on relevant and practical use cases that produce innovative solutions using emerging and smart technologies.


Build a team of industry-leading partners with innovative technology solutions to produce replicable best practices for the deployment of broadband Internet and IoT solutions that can be easily implemented in the most challenging environments across cities and rural communities.


Starting in September 2021, Networking For Future (NFF) pulled together a broad team of technology companies, including Signify, Cisco, TRAXyL, Express-Tek, Helicore, and Uniiband for the Testbed pilot project.


The Testbed partners produced replicable best practices for the deployment of broadband Internet and IoT solutions that can be adopted and implemented by all levels of government and education as part of their Smart solutions planning and projects.

Lessons Learned

The partners also shared product capabilities and best practices with one another and the Testbed team, providing deeper insight into how these innovative solutions solve broadband Internet and IoT challenges for communities and campuses.

The testbed project demonstrated how to efficiently and securely deploy a Smart connectivity grid that includes innovative broadband fiber and wireless technologies and Smart lighting that expands public access to the Internet and improves public services and safety. This infrastructure grid further enables IoT applications like sensors, meters, cameras, and building access control systems.

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VIPC Leverages NFF Network and Security for Smart Community Testbed Case Study

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