Application Assurance

Optimize user experience and productivity by enhancing application performance, visibility, and control from the end user to the data center and across hybrid cloud networks.

The Challenge

Organizations deploy applications on-premises and in the cloud, utilizing a mixture of public and private networks.  Hybrid deployment strategies create interdependence and complexity that may not be fully understood.  These variables can often cause degraded application performance for end-users. Poor user experiences lead to decreased productivity and impair business results.

Business objectives—not technical constraints—should direct how applications and data are delivered. Organizations need to enhance application visibility, optimization, and control from the data center to the cloud and across hybrid networks.

The major challenges are:

  • Lack of visibility into which applications are running on the network and who is using them
  • Pinpointing the source of performance slowdowns for critical applications
  • Understanding underlying dependencies and performance baselines before implementing changes in the environment

How can you eliminate the blind spots across the network, application, and infrastructure and get complete performance visibility to expose problems, diagnose the root cause, and arm the right team with insights they need to fix the problems?

The Solution

Whether you’re rolling out new applications, consolidating or virtualizing data centers, or migrating to the cloud, managing application performance requires a holistic approach. Networking For Future (NFF) Application Assurance solutions allow organizations to gain insight into critical applications and their underlying components.

  • Performance Baselining – Understand the current performance of your environment to establish and assure SLAs before any future changes, such as major upgrades and cloud migration, providing peace of mind.
  • Triage / Troubleshooting – Diagnose performance issues down to the offending code, database query, network, or system resource. Rapidly identifying the source of end-user performance problems eliminates “finger-pointing” between internal teams and focuses resources on the actions needed for remediation.
  • DevOps Lifecycle – Enable a culture of continuous performance validation throughout each development phase. Eliminate performance issues earlier before they reach production.
  • IT Business Intelligence – Focus on customer needs and IT services rather than IT systems. Quickly access role-relevant IT operational insights with a pre-built collection of dashboards and reports using data harnessed from business services in your IT infrastructure.

NFF services and toolsets prevent future disruptions and ensure your IT initiatives don’t cause new application performance issues and provide application performance metrics to your executives and other key groups within your organization.

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