Networking For Future (NFF) recently completed a Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) project for The Catholic University of America (CUA).  CUA purchased new physical ISE appliances to replace their existing virtual ISE nodes supporting network authentication services for both campus Staff and Students. NFF worked with CUA to replace the existing virtual ISE nodes with the newly purchased Cisco ISE hardware appliances using best practices to provide a more robust and optimized experience for network authentication and connectivity to the campus WiFi and network services. 

As an outcome of the successful CUA ISE project, Catholic University of America has awarded NFF with new professional services engagements.  NFF will be providing engineering services for CUA’s campus network refresh and building switch configuration projects. CUA has engaged NFF to provide the design and transition services of their campus network core switches, wireless controllers, and firewalls to newly purchased equipment.  NFF will be working with CUA over the summer to provide optimized network design and migration services for CUA’s DC campus. Secondly, NFF will be assisting CUA over the summer with their Voice over IP migration project by providing full network switch discovery, assessment, and configuration mitigation services.  This second effort provides CUA with a baseline network switch configuration using best practices and deploying that standard across all campus switches to enable a successful VoIP migration for the University.