The Channel Customer Satisfaction Excellence assessment is based upon the customer satisfaction results captured in the Cisco Partner Access Online tool. Each measurement period, Cisco acknowledges Certified Partners that have the highest customer satisfaction distinction within each geographic region.

To qualify for CSAT Excellence recognition, certified partners must meet or exceed the CSAT Excellence target (Minimum 4.60 on a scale of 1 to 5) for their geographic region, based upon a minimum number of survey responses. CSAT is measured twice a year (end of January Q2 and end of July Q4). Gold and Silver Certified Partners must achieve a minimum of 30 responses; Premier Certified Partners must receive a minimum of 20 responses.

NFF has developed an ongoing strategic partnership with Cisco that focuses on helping our customers with service efficiency, reducing costs, and improving IT security. Combining Cisco’s Advanced Technologies in a wide range of solutions – including Data Center Storage Networking/Virtualization, Unified Communications, Application Performance Management, and Information Security – with NFF’s proven holistic approach and integration capabilities, supports complex IT projects that exceed customers’ expectations while meeting stringent business requirements.

Customer satisfaction continues to be one of the highest priorities of both Cisco and NFF. Customer satisfaction measurement is an integral part of establishing meaningful customer relationships, and provides us a method to assess customer expectations and actively address our customer concerns.