NFF was selected to equip OCFO with a SAN and Disaster Recovery (DR) solution. Together with NetApp, NFF developed a Unified Enterprise Storage and DR Solution with multiple tiers of performance to provide OCFO flexibility in addressing varying workloads such as business critical databases and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). This solution delivers OCFO’s requirements for a strategic and fully redundant DR solution capable of supporting the production workload without any loss of performance.

In short, the proposed solution reduces the complexity of managing and scaling the OCFO environment, while reducing not only the acquisition costs, but also staffing, real estate footprint, and cost management in the long-term. The Solution allows OCFO to be well positioned for the future by giving the organization greater flexibility to integrate easily and quickly with applications and services.

Since 2004, NFF has provided on-site information technology implementation and consulting services to OCFO. Throughout these years, NFF has established a solid reputation for providing expert-level IT services and solutions in support of advancing technology initiatives of OCFO. The services provided by NFF, have contributed to building a robust and appropriate core data center network infrastructure and strategic architecture for Network Infrastructure, Server and SAN technologies, maintaining a secure pathway to the sensitive city-wide tax and financial applications OCFO provides to the DC Government.