Shady Grove Fertility clinic is one of the most prominent fertility clinics in DC metro area, with 18 offices in DC, MD, VA, and PA. With changing technological needs and to increase productivity for their almost 500 employees and over 9,000 patients, Shady Grove has chosen NFF Inc. to provide them with their next generation wireless solutions to enhance their wireless experience using Cisco based wireless technologies. NFF will be using a mix environment of 801.11n based wireless solution coupled with clean air access solution for their HQ and branch offices.  This next generation wireless solution will give Shady Grove staff the ability to use their tablets and wireless devices across a secured office environment, and the guest access network will provide visiting partners and customers with Internet access.

NFF Mobility Solutions provide the infrastructure that delivers cost-effective wireless networks for business-critical mobility, delivering the same level of security, scalability, and manageability for wireless applications that organizations expect from their wired infrastructure. Check here if you are interested in Wireless Solutions or contact us if you have questions about our Mobility Solutions for your company.