NFF has been awarded a contract to procure, design, and implement a web traffic monitoring and security solution for the District of Columbia Retirement Board (DCRB). DCRB has chosen NFF to deploy a Cisco Integrated Service Router and Firewall for traffic management and intrusion prevention functionality. NFF’s partnership with OPNET will provide DCRB the ability to proactively monitor all inbound traffic and create management policies for their IT division. 

Cisco and OPNET’s Traffic Monitoring and VPN security management tools allow DCRB to stay FIPS 140-2 L2 compliant. This is very important as their network communicates on a daily basis with U.S. Department of Treasury’s applications.

DCRB was created by U.S. Congress in 1979 as an independent DC Government agency responsible for managing retirement funds for Police Officers, Firefighters, and Teachers in the District. Through consolidating various assets of funds into a single investment package for retirees, DCRB maintains financial records, purchases of service, investment earning, benefit payments, and administrative expenses.