March 25th NFF and Cisco will be co-hosting a private event for the business leaders of our community, in an effort to address some of the top security threats businesses will face in 2014. With the increased use of personal, mobile, and wearable devices at the workplace, we need to address the security challenges associated with it before it’s too late:

  • >15 billion devices by 2015, average worker: 3 devices
  • New workspace: Anytime, anywhere, any device
  • 71% of Gen Y workforce do not obey policies
  • 60% will download sensitive data on a personal device

To help understand the risks and solutions, we confirmed the following speakers:

Michael Korten, security expert with Cisco, provides a broad overview with different mobile security scenarios, Cisco security solutions, and how they support a secure mobility implementation in different environments.

Troy Icenhour, former Deputy Director of Network and Telecommunications Division at National Institutes of Health (NIH) will help us understand the factors that should be considered in secure computing implementation such as impact to different business units and the importance of having defined policies.

Bruce Maurer, Network Architect at the MITRE Corporation, provides a perspective and understanding of the challenges with implementing mobility technology while ensuring adherence to a restrictive set of policies.

Jonathan Topping, Lead Solutions Architect at NFF will discuss a number of varying secure mobility implementations and solution sets and share comparisons of technical solutions delivered by NFF over a spectrum of restrictive and open use cases.

This is a free event with limited seating, please contact Monique DiCarlo at to receive more information and an invitation.