During these especially challenging times, E-Rate funding can help you accomplish your strategic technology goals, including expansion of your network infrastructure, Wi-Fi access, security, and Internet connectivity.

The new five-year E-Rate program funding cycle will start July 1, 2021.  E-Rate is a Federal discount program that provides technology funding for libraries on a square footage basis and K-12 schools based on the number of Free & Reduced Lunch (FRL) students.  Many schools and less than 10% of public libraries are fully utilizing their available E-Rate funds.

For over 10 years, Networking for Future (NFF) has been working closely with public libraries and K-12 public, private, and charter schools to help them maximize their E-Rate program funding.

Let NFF help you explore:

  • Your specific E-Rate funding amounts available
  • Solutions that are eligible for E-Rate funding
  • How to capitalize on your E-Rate funding potential

Request a meeting today to learn more about how NFF can help you with your E-Rate funds.

NFF E-Rate Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) number is 143030044.