Networking For Future (NFF) is in the final stages of an 8-month project with DC Government’s, Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) Agency for Design and Implementation of a Disaster Recovery (DR) Solution. In October of 2016, OCFO contracted NFF to design, implement, and test a DR Solution that would provide OCFO the ability to fail over their critical applications to the DC Government’s Data Center in Virginia. 

The project consisted of extensive discovery and design efforts to collect, catalog and provide a workable solution for recovery and continued operations of OCFO’s applications should their primary data center become unavailable.  In addition to the design, NFF’s services included a white-glove packing/shipping service for all DR equipment previously located at OCIO’s Waterfront office location. The NFF team provided rack, cabling, and configuration services (to the approved design) for the equipment either relocated or newly purchased as part of the project.

Once the physical implementation was completed, the team then performed several DR failover tests of selected applications, ensuring OCFO’s RPO/RTO SLAs were met and with no impact to any OCIO-managed production system. The NFF team used network virtualization techniques to ensure all systems included in the DR test were restored into an isolated network environment.

The NFF team is currently providing the final stage of the project by performing a DR failback test which will be simulated by replicating backups/data from restored DR systems back to the OCFO Waterfront data center.