Esports Converging Academics, Athletics, & Technology

Education is changing. There is a new breed of college athlete, and while these students may take the field of play from a computer screen in an electrified Esports arena, the principles of athletics remain unchanged. Esports teams participate, head-to-head, against students from every corner of the globe, creating brand awareness and generating a whole new stream of revenue for their institutions.

Enhance Student Engagement With NFF Campus Network & Wireless Solutions

Education is changing. From rapid shifts in distance and hybrid learning to an evolving and transforming job market and skills landscape. From new models of teaching and student engagement to the evolving role of the campus and classroom. From barriers to access and a growing digital divide to resource constraints, and mounting security threats, today is a time of unparalleled digital transformation.

Maximize Student Success With NFF Campus Hybrid/HyFlex Solutions

Education is changing. Teaching, learning, and administrative decision-making don’t have to take place in person. Students are more digitally engaged than ever before. Equipped with laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, they can tap into technology-driven engagements outside of physical classrooms and campus spaces. Educators can collaborate seamlessly with fellow educators and administrators and can facilitate meaningful communications with and between students through remote access and distance learning.