Cyber Security

Enterprises need a simpler, scalable, threat-centric approach that provides visibility and control of threats before, during, and after they occur.

One NFF Team – Unparalleled 24x7x365 Security

Organizations have bigger, more connected, and complex ecosystems than ever before. Connections between people, devices, and data are ever-expanding with billions of touchpoints. When everything is open and connected, businesses, government and education need to adopt new security strategies that move away from standalone, siloed protections and instead focus on detection, response, and recovery.

The NFF team brings immediate and unparalleled value to our clients . With 25+ years of experience, we know that no single security solution works for every business. As a performance-focused security integrator, NFF provides expertise, consulting, and solution design from best of breed security partners to transform security with a SASE focused strategy. We deliver a comprehensive security roadmap and a clear path forward, from strategy and consulting to implementation and managed services that provides you with greater agility, reliability, performance, and lower security and IT costs. With a proven methodology, expert certified IT professionals, and managed services, we help you implement, manage, and maintain security solutions best suited to your workload and business requirements.

Radically simplify your security and networking

Enterprise cyber security program requirements are complex and often require a comprehensive and well-coordinated team of highly specialized cyber professionals. The NFF security practice is comprised of both internal NFF security experts and trusted partners. To ensure success for your security projects, our solution include nationally recognized security firms with the expertise and full independence to conduct all assessment activities, with comprehensive project oversight and ownership by the NFF professional services/cyber security team.

Our Security Partners

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Keep every user secure and connected, in every cloud, with NFF SASE Solutions

IT teams are under more pressure than ever before to keep their organizations secure, reduce operational costs, and make things simpler to manage. But it’s not easy when:

Applications extend accross multiple clouds

Workforces and workspaces are hyper – distributed under hybrid work models

IT teams must rely on a patchwork of point solutions from many vendors

NFF SASE Solutions: Where IT worlds collide—and thrive

As work dynamics shift again, networking and security teams can’t keep working in silos, reacting in parallel to the same problems. They need to be ready for the next disruption. Secure access service edge (SASE) converges networking (SD-WAN), cloud-based security (CASB, FWaaS, SWG, and ZTNA), analytics, and insights into a single, cloud-based solution, delivered as a service, to provide optimal, secure connectivity from every user and device to every cloud.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Cloud Access Secure Broker (CASB)

Zero Trust Network Access

Supporting today’s use cases

Designed for today’s hybrid work environments, NFF SASE solutions let you minimize the complexity of managing more remote users, devices, applications, and data across multiple clouds—while minimizing risk in a changing and ever-expanding threat landscape.

NFF SASE connects your sites securely and seamlessly to applications and data anywhere.

Secure Edge

Connect your users from off corporate network remote locations to applications and data anywhere. Identity-based security – individuals, groups, office locations, devices, Internet of Things (IoT), and services.

Secure Remote Worker

Security and networking teams need a better path forward, together

NFF works with clients to understand that using yesterday’s approaches to provide secure connectivity for today’s hyper-distributed, dynamic environments is proving more costly. There has been a dramatic rise in Internet traffic as organizations have continued to adopt cloud applications and storage, and run more workloads from the cloud. Backhauling traffic to corporate data centers via expensive MPLS lines and VPNs and forcing it through security appliances before forwarding it on no longer makes sense.


Security and networking teams can’t handle challenges alone. They’ve got to come together to:

Control costs

Simplify operations

Keep their organization secure

Cyber security is challenging! Ready to learn more about NFF SASE solutions?

The best way to realize the full potential of SASE is by working with a vendor who combines best-in-class networking, security, analytics and insights, with industry know-how and a vast partner and vendor ecosystem to offer the flexibility and investment protection you need to transition securely to the cloud your way, and at your pace.

NFF has been providing security, network and IT solutions since 1996 is the vendor of choice to keep you business secure. We own all the required building blocks for your SASE foundation today, including the cloud-managed tools, analytics, and insights you need to deliver the unified experiences your users demand – whatever tomorrow brings.

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