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The tremendous IP traffic growth is fueled by new media applications and customer demands for more interactivity, personalization, mobility, and video. A well designed network infrastructure needs to deliver personalized, next-generation services and media experiences anywhere, anytime. Organizations need an in-depth, continuous evaluation of the performance and overall architecture to ensure their network can meet the needs of the future.

Network architecture has been the Networking For Future (NFF) core competency since the start, designing and deploying networks for State and Federal government agencies, private companies large and small, service providers, and higher education. NFF offers two network architecture assessments for customers wanting to leverage this vast expertise:

  • NetDiscover – Maps and documents customers’ existing networks and performing an extensive “health check” on the hardware, software, and topology/design
  • NetInDepth – For customers looking for a full end-to-end “future state recommendation” for their network, and/or a high-touch, audit-like analysis of deployed configurations and access policies
  • WiFiInDepth – Analyzes a customer’s existing indoor and/or outdoor Wi-Fi deployment to support not only the coverage but the capacity needs of tomorrow through use of professional surveying software, spectrum analysis, and deep knowledge of Enterprise Wi-Fi best practices.  

In addition to the above assessments, NFF offers a full complement of solutions related to future-forward network architectures:

  • Intelligent WAN – Using software-defined networking technology to streamline WAN operations, optimize cloud access and security, while reducing cost.
  • Converged Access – Combined wired and wireless network architecture for high-bandwidth access and optimized flows
  • WiFi Design and Planning – Surveying indoor and outdoor WiFi areas for optimal coverage for every security level, from public access to fully hardenend
  • IPv6 – The long-coming new Internet protocol will be a must-have for every business in the coming decade, requiring knowledge of hardware, topology, applications, and security to implement
  • Universal Power over Ethernet – Providing enough power over existing data cabling to reduce traditional power cabling to lighting, cameras, and other sensors powering the Internet of Things

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