No business is immune to the threat of ransomware. The malicious software encrypts digital files and data; its encryption is mathematically impossible to “crack” using even the most powerful supercomputing resources. Once infected, the only way to unlock data is to pay cybercriminals for the decryption key. According to the FBI, typical ransom payment demands range from $200 to $10,000.

Ransomware attacks have occurred in every industry and across geographic regions globally. They work fast, usually requiring only seconds to minutes to encrypt data. Just one email can set off a chain reaction and put your entire company’s data at risk.

How to Get Your Network Threat Consultation

NFF offers a high-level network threat consultation, this assessment will reveal:

  • Dormant ransomware and other malware infections on endpoints (e.g., devices, servers, etc.)
  • Existing endpoint communication with or potential connection to malicious C2 servers
  • Potential backdoors that would allow attackers to reenter enterprise networks
  • Existing vulnerabilities in endpoints, applications, and networks
  • Insecure security policies that could allow future infections

Following the consultation, we will provide a detailed overview of our discoveries. Use that to create your company’s plan to proactively remove existing threats and vulnerabilities, and then implement the defenses you need to prevent future incidents and associated damages.

Reactive security is never optimal security. Proactively minimize the risks to your business by requesting your network threat consultation today.

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