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Business Applications are becoming more virtualized and distributed than ever, exposing a need for the underlying infrastructure to deliver these applications on both “private” clouds and on highly elastic, secured public clouds. However, navigating this transition will require expertise in designing and implementing the infrastructure delivering the applications to their end-users while continuously mapping all applications’ functions, locations, dependencies, and performance.

For those IT organizations who do not have this clear mapping or performance baseline of their applications, NFF offers a set of 3 assessments to find and deliver this critical information:

  • AppDiscover  – Discover running applications and their dependencies and measure network-centric application response performance metrics, quickly triaging application issues to be ‘network related’ or not
  • AppInDepth with Cloud Viability Score  – Zoom in” to discover server and application performance data to isolate root cause of performance issues and develop a clear Public Cloud migration roadmap
  • Infrastructure Assessments – Individual Network, Compute, and Storage deep dive assessments where NFF engineers will measure key bottlenecks in these infrastructure components and offer to optimize or augment their performance

In addition to the application-focused assessments listed above, NFF offers a full suite of solutions delivering comprehensive enterprise applications:

  • Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud – Integrated computing, network, and storage systems for hosting applications, on or off premises
  • Optimized Application Delivery – Control the delivery of applications to maximize resiliency and performance
  • Application Performance Management – Baseline and continuously monitor all application components to provide insight into performance and quickly identify anomalies
  • Data Protection and Privacy – Safeguarding application data from corruption, security breaches, and disasters
  • Remote Application Hosting – Integrated hosting solutions for edge applications that reside in locations with higher risk, lower resiliency, and constrained resources

Download the AppDiscover and AppInDepth overview here.

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