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NFF’s AppDiscover assessment service provides the first level of data required to begin this process. This solution, based on the Riverbed SteelCentral platform, provides not only advanced application discovery but also dependency mappings, and network-centric performance metrics for applications. This offer includes application discovery, network-centric response times, and network traffic utilizations.

To delve deeper into the software processes running on each server found in the AppDiscover, NFF offers our AppInDepth assessment. This deeper dive “zooms in” on each discovered server to determine server-side application performance and end-user transactional-based performance metrics, as a composition of transaction performance from web and application code execution, compute operational utilization, and database component responses.  

Not only does the AppDiscovery and AppInDepth assessments provide a mapping and baseline of your applications, these services can provide rapid diagnosis the root cause of a service impacting outages. This diagnosis will identify the required actions for remediation and rapid identification of the source of end-user performance and response time problems and eliminate “finger pointing” among IT teams.

Finally, to isolate specific network, storage, and computing performance metrics/issues, NFF has targeted assessment programs to measure performance of these key components and provide specific recommendations to fix, optimize, or augment their operation.

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